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Condomino Villa del Sol is designed in an urban / rural area of 5000m2 (1,300 acres) in the sunny and vine-growing district of Sunampe, province of Chincha, department of Ica, 500mts (450 feet) from Panamericana Sur (main highway) and 200 Kms (124 miles) from the capital, Lima. It is a zone surrounded by greenery,  5 minutes from the city and 10 minutes to the nearest beach.

The condominium is fenced keeping in harmony with the surroundings, has 24-hour private security, individual parking for each property, laundry service (self-service and assisted), swimming pool area and Jacuzzi, children’s area, an area for "pachamancas" (underground B-B-Q pit) and a multipurpose area where you can  find the gymnasium,centralized mail pick-up nd centralized disposal of garbage.

There are 18 properties of 3 and 4 bedrooms.  They have been designed according to the most modern criteria in the utilization of space and in area distribution.   Equipped with access to cable TV, Internet and general access to communications, it will provide a quiet heaven away from the city noises, while still maintaining you connected to the rest of the world.

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